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Dave at Bike-Fixed is wonderful. Lots of my colleagues at work use him. Last week he was busy for 3 days at my work as there was so much demand including some repeat customers. He had been asked to come back because his work was so well received a few months before.

For me he serviced 3 bikes in varying states of repair, one being in pieces after an accident. All three bikes were serviced and repaired well. My journey to work was faster by 5 minutes simply because the bike is running smoother and gears work so well.

If you can’t or don’t want to service or repair your bike yourself, I will not hesitate recommending Dave.
— T Ackroyd, Canford
Dave did a great job servicing my bike on site at work - thorough, professional and speedy! Highly recommended and wouldn’t look elsewhere for maintenance
— T Parrish, Boscombe
Dave fixed my bike in minutes during a UK Cycling event in Surrey yesterday. He was the difference between a gold time and a dnf. Fantastic service, would highly recommend.
— T Short, Christchurch
I have started to use Dave at Bike-fixed.com for both of my bikes and the service he provides is second to none. I also recommended him to a friend who now uses him all the time as well. Dave serviced our bikes for a charity 100 mile ride and we completed it without any problems with the bikes. Nothing is too much trouble for Dave and I would thoroughly recommend him and the service he provides.
— Mark Parris, Merley
Dave, you did a marvellous job on my bike and you were very honest too. Honestly it’s fab

— Vikki Morgan, Boscombe
The bike is brilliant and as I said its been as good if not better than new, great service and a really good price and more over, you clearly went out of your way to help me out and it was really appreciated. I won’t be going anywhere else in a hurry, and couldn’t recommend you highly enough!
— Alex King, Poole
Great work, thanks Dave. The Bike felt very good today, thanks for your help!
— Andy Silvers, Southbourne
Dave thank you so much for sorting my bike out! Great service at a wonderful price, I will be recommending you to my mountain biking friends. Thanks again!
— Gary Trudgett, Wimbourne Minster
Great job on the bike again dude, I rode in the gutter for many a mile sheltering from the trucks, climbed 97,000 ft / 3 everests, descended at 50mph +. In 80 hours of riding all I got was one puncture, that was it! My friend Gordon wrote this blog. Here is a link to the Alpy 900 Facebook Page. There are pictures and videos of Will’s cycling adventure!
— Will Clark, Bournemouth
Dave, thank you very much for doing Roy’s bike, we will certainly recommend you to other people and friends and family.
— Mr & Mrs Griffiths, Poole
If anyone is browsing bike-fixed.com’s site thinking to themselves “Hmmm, should I or shouldn’t I...?” Quite simply, you SHOULD! I emailed Dave, with my original query. He promptly returned that email, arranging to come and pick my bike up and return it to his workshop to have it serviced.
I’d be the first to admit, that I dont know the in’s and out’s of a modern day mountain bike, but Dave takes all of the stress of trying to do it yourself away.
Dave is very knowledgeable, and best of all just very down to earth! In short, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dave and bike-fixed.com to anyone. My bike after its service,was as good as new. Many thanks Dave.
P.S. Go and LIKE the bike-fixed facebook page .... thats also a very interesting view and read.
— Jon Condon, Poole
Fast response and great value for the service on my ten year old, much loved but poorly neglected mountain bike! Highly recommend Bike Fixed for great service.
— Julian Stodd, Bournemouth
My 10 year old bike got ‘the service of its life’ and now rides BETTER than new. Thanks again Dave.
— Sam Westlake, Poole
I’ve been away to Spring Harvest (Churches get together over Easter) at Butlins Minehead. Cycled there which was 100 miles - bike was spot on thanks Dave!! Dave was excellent and comes and picks up your bike and then drops it off afterwards. He sorted out my gears which a “reputable” local shop couldn’t identify the problem.
— Pete Brown, Bournemouth
My bike is old, well used and was still running on a lot of the original parts. Dave came out to inspect the bike and I was able to talk through the work with Dave. He was helpful and knowledgable. He took the bike away and when he brought it back it was almost unrecognisable. It was running like a brand new bike and made my cycle to work an absolute pleasure. Thanks Dave!
— Tommy Fentiman, Wimborne
Dave, back on the bike this weekend for 2 x 40 mile rides Tricross felt very smooth. Good job!
— Mike Holmes, Bournemouth
Hi Dave, managed my first proper ride this morning on the Lynskey...it didn’t disappoint. Unsurprisingly, everything worked, the gears were smooth and slick, the disc brakes stopped progressively. Still tinkering with bar & seat heights, but it felt a very speedy, comfortable ride. Thanks for the excellent Lynskey folder & DVD. Also much appreciated was the quality of the build itself. Be in touch soon, thanks!
— David Harris, Ferndown
I called Bike Fixed, with an urgent request to have a look at my neglected bike which had not been used for over a year; I had a charity cycle event to attend on the Sunday. Bike fixed came to my house on the Friday, and Dave worked his magic and within a hour my bike was back on the road and ready to tackle the 40 mile charity cycle round the Purbecks on the Sunday. It was such easy convenient service to have Dave come round to the house and repair on site; I will be recommending Bike Fixed to all my friends and colleagues.
— Jon Brown, Poole
I have used Bike Fixed for a year and the service is excellent, personal and very convenient as well as great value. They assembled my pride and joy (Boardman Air TT1) and did an amazing job as well as looking after my bikes on a regular basis. I have recommended them on many occasions and will continue to do so.
— Steve Harrington, Bournemouth
Verona, Italy to Bournemouth, 800 miles in 10 days. Climbs - 8,100 ft Great St Bernard, the Juras 4,100 ft. Bike problems - none. Take care of your ride with Bike Fixed (cue cheesy grin)
— Will Clark, Bournemouth
I can’t rate Dave from bike-fixed.com highly enough. He returned my enquiry within 2 hours; arrived the following morning on the dot of 7 am - I time that I chose - gave an estimate and took our 3 bikes away by 7.20. His work in the end cost less than he originally quoted and the bikes were back with us within 4 days. A really helpful, professional, knowledgeable service. Thank you very much.
— Emma, Winchester
Last week I bought a second-hand mountain bike which needed some minor tinkering to make sure it was road worthy. I was concerned about using a bike shop because it’d be a major hassle for me to drag my bike to a bike shop (I work nights and am asleep during normal business hours) ...that and my best friend is still waiting for his bike to be fixed 4 weeks after dropping his into his local bike shop!
So I googled mobile bicycle repair services... and I’m SO glad I did!
Dave from www.bike-fixed.com, gave me a quote over the phone, on Friday eve, which instantly put a smile on my face. He came to my home @ 7pm Monday (a time most convenient for me) and sorted everything ‘on site’ for the price he quoted, in a really efficient, friendly & professional manner.
I can’t believe how easy & stress-free the www.bike-fixed.com service is. I now have a bike ready to go for no more effort than one phone call and opening my front door.
I completely recommend this service to you if you own a bike that’s been stuck in the shed over winter and needs a little professional attention to make sure it’s safe to ride ...but you don’t want that work to cost you more than the bike did :-)
— Aaryn, Poole
I use my bike everyday, so leaving it in a bike shop for a few days can be a real pain. As well as this I find that most bike shops would soon replace parts rather than repair. I found Dave to be very knowledgeable and proficient. My bike was in a bad way and when I got it back it was like getting a new bike, perfectly clean and in great working order. There was quite a bit of work and it was still returned within 24 hours. As well as this it was reasonably priced - Many Thanks
— Will Clark, Bournemouth
Dave came to carry out repairs on two of my bikes. I found him polite and business like on arrival. His work was thorough and he paid great attention to detail. He checked his work over and didn’t leave until he was satisfied. bike-fixed.com rates are very reasonable. I will be calling on him again very soon to have new tyres fitted and would have no hesitation in recommending bike-fixed.com to anybody who wants a job well done.
— D Spence, Eastleigh
A very prompt professional service. Dave obviously knows what he is doing with a bike. My bike has not run so smoothly in a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him no matter how seriously you take your riding.
— Paul Coleman, Bearwood