Please note: our minimum job charge is just £20

no fix - no fee


We don't have a shop. We are a mobile bike repair service and we come to you!

This means that our overheads are low and we can pass this benefit onto you by having very competitive prices.

Our FREE collection & delivery service is offered to customers in Bournemouth and Poole within the BH postcode. We do operate outside this area for a small call out charge. Please contact us for details.

If the repair can’t be done on site then your bike will be well looked after whilst being repaired in our fully equipped workshop, and your bike will be entirely safe from dirty little thieving fingers too... the mobile workshop was a prison truck in a previous life so is as secure as possible!

Workshop practice to British Standard 6102.1 1992
PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) to British Standard 6102.1 1992.

If you can't see the service you require then please contact us.

The Mobile Workshop

Cycle Servicing

Cycle Overhaul

Breakdown complete cycle to component parts, clean, inspect, grease and rebuild - it's like getting a new bike back!

(Every 12-18 months)

from £140

35 Point Full Service

Comprising of at least 35 individual service jobs to get your bike running at it's very best

(Every 4-8 months)

from £80


Check bike for damage, check & adjust gears and brakes, inflate tyres then test to check cycle is roadworthy - an MOT for your bike

from £50


Gear overhaul

Clean, inspect, lube front and rear derailleur and outer cables. Replace inner cables with new and lube outer cables, Check operation of gears and adjust as needed

from £30

Gear adjust

Check adjust and lube chain, front and rear derailleurs

from £25

Re-align gear hanger

Remove rear derailleur, use alignment tool to perfectly re-align rear gear hanger then install rear derailleur & adjust gears




Flush / Bleed system, re-centre calipers, remove disc brake rotors and thoroughly clean-resurface and true rotors. Fit new pads.
Re-install and adjust as needed

FROM £35

Brake overhaul 

Clean and inspect front and rear brake parts, lube pivot points and resurface pads. Lube outer cables and replace inner cables
Check operation and adjust as needed

from £30

Brake adjustment

If your brake levers are pulling in too far then your brakes may need adjusting to avoid brake failure and a serious accident!
Check and adjust front and rear brakes

from £25

Front End

Handlebar tape installation

Remove old bar tape, clean handlebars and install new tape



Remove forks from cycle, thoroughly clean and service

from £55

NEW Fork installation

Includes steerer tube cutting and headset adjustment



Tyre installation
innertube installation

from £5


from £P.O.A

Wheel truing / Spoke Replacement

from £20

Cycle Building

Frame swap
frame re-build

Completely strip parts from old frame, strip, clean, inspect and grease components and rebuild onto new frame

from £140

Ultimate Cycle - Frame swap / re-build

Includes Full Cycle Build along with a fully documented and detailed description spreadsheet showing all part and serial numbers, material, weight and price of each component. You will also receive high quality Digital SLR images of the full build from start to completion along with any relevant make and model specifications – All presented inside a quality file and on disc.

from £200


Single Speed Cycle


from £40

Tandem/Trike Cycle


from £70

STANDARD Geared Cycle


from £50



(Boxed) This one is for the high end bike build - mostly these bikes may be made from Carbon or Titanium and can be supplied with the latest technology like Electronically Shifting gearing and exclusive brand features like Giant's ANT+ Ridesense which need additional time to set-up and adjust correctly. Also these high end bikes are supplied with components which can be made from carbon too and these must be installed correctly and torqued up to manufacturers specification to avoid failure and possibly even serious injury.

FROM £60

Cycle Cleaning

Full Cycle Clean

Inspect - Lube - Polish

Clean entire cycle and degrease drivetrain, re-lube chain, derailleurs and all pivot points.
Inspect frame, dry cycle, polish frame and forks with protective polish

from £50

Insurance Quotations

fully tailored insurance quotation / valuation

(cheesy American voice)...Have you been involved in an accident on your bicycle!?
We can visit you at your convenience and completely check your cycle frame, forks, parts and any accessories including helmet and clothing for any damage.
You will receive a fully tailored quotation detailing every bit of damage and the cost to replace or repair the damage to bring your bike back to how it was pre-accident, more importantly to also make it safe for you to use again - giving you a little help to get you back on your bike ASAP as an accident on your bike can seriously knock your confidence!
This service is also very useful if your cycle was stolen and recovered as the thieving scumbags tend to cause great damage to a bike to try and disguise it.

Contact us now to arrange your visit.

Please note this is a small selection of the services we offer, please contact us for a tailored quotation.

We accept cash, bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal fees apply) on completion of the work.
Please note that we no longer accept cheques.

*Please note all above prices DO NOT include parts if needed.

*Labour charges can be combined in most cases making you a saving on labour costs!