What is a dr bike session?

Our Dr Bike sessions are a very popular way of getting your bicycle serviced by a skilled and experienced cycle mechanic at a massively reduced price, or maybe even for FREE!

You can have this service available at your home, work, school, event or anywhere.
Your session can be anything from a one-off visit to a pre-booked number of sessions, you could also book your session to run alongside any cycling campaigns like Cycle To Work Day or Bike Week.
Also coincide your session with events being run by your place of work or local council making it as popular as possible which in turn creates more interest for any of your future sessions.

A Dr Bike session can be booked by anybody.
You can book a session for a local cycling club or a group of cyclists that you ride with regularly.
As an employer you may be able to cover the cost of your Dr Bike session for you and your employees or maybe your employees are happy to split the cost of a session between them.
The more bikes that are booked in = the cheaper it works out per bike.

You can book a session on any preferred date and Bike-fixed will arrive at your chosen venue or event. As Bike-fixed is a Mobile Cycle Repair Service our well stocked Mobile Workshop has no set-up time and all that is needed is 2 parking spaces to work in, all you or your employees need to do is be there with your bikes - and we're off!

On arrival we will take the contact details of cycle owners, all bikes will be safely and securely stored while awaiting servicing. Once the cycle has had its service then the owner will be contacted and informed that their bike is ready. Anything over and above Gear & Brake adjustments, cable, brake pad or inner tube replacement and basic wheel truing then the owner will be contacted and updated before carrying on. Any parts bought and fitted on the day will also be offered at reduced prices.
Each bike will have a quotation/repair sheet left with it detailing any repairs and recommendations that could not be completed on the day and an estimated cost of repair which can be booked in on the day for a future date.

Booking regular sessions is be the best way of maximising the success and potential of your Dr Bike events.
Bike-fixed can also help out by providing posters in digital format for you to distribute as necessary.
For maximum publicity, we can also help with exposure on Social Media if requested!

The usual rough idea of a Dr Bike mechanic can be upwards of £60 per hour so you can see how competitive our prices are below!

Our current 2018 Dr Bike Session rates:

  • Full Day 0900 - 1600 maximum approx x30 cycles £240
  • Half Day 0900 - 1230 maximum approx x15 cycles £150

Please contact us for any further information or to discuss your specific requirements.