how can we help your school?

Does your school have a fleet of bikes that are used by pupils for group cycle rides or just for fun? We know that they are a loved addition to any school and they get put through some tough use... be honest, who doesn't like skidding, wheelying and bunny-hopping kerbs!?

Due to the hammering that the bikes receive it's vital that they are kept maintained and in the best working order, not just for safety but also insurance purposes. With Bike-fixed visiting regularly you don't have to worry about any issues regarding the safety and maintenance of the bikes - Bike-fixed takes care of it with each bike getting regular servicing and an ongoing record of health detailing any maintenance problems that have occurred and what repair has been done to rectify it.

We can offer a scheduled maintenance programme to keep the bikes in tip-top condition making them much more enjoyable for pupils and staff to use. With our fleet service package you also receive priority call out if you have any problems with the bikes between regular service schedules!

Discounted rates are available and vary depending on quantity.
The more bikes in your fleet = the greater the savings to be made.

Please contact us for a no obligation fully personalised quotation.